An Innovative Lift & Lay Flooring Solution

Does Your Workspace Need New Flooring But The Thought Of Moving Furniture Has Put You Off?

At Aventus, our Lift & Lay system offers a stress-free way to fit a new modular flooring with minimal disruption and no down-time.

Our Story

The ‘Lift and Lay’ system is ideal for replacing modular flooring, like carpet tiles, with the same type of new flooring material. It’s not suitable for laying carpets as the floor needs preparation, and to be clear for installation. 


We operate with a variety of hydraulic equipment that can lift desks, cabinets (with a minimum of 6 inches of space underneath) and things like desk partitions. For items that we can’t lift hydraulically, we can do this manually with the assistance of sliders, provided they have been emptied beforehand. 

Project Showcase

Take a look at a handful of some of our amazing transformations.

How Does It Work?


Suitability & Current Flooring Assessment

We will conduct a free site visit to assess the workspace and furniture, so you’ll know if our ‘Lift and Lay’ can work for you. We can also bring along tile samples so you pick your flooring and receive an accurate quotation.


Preparation Phase

There’s a small amount of preparation required from you and your team, before we can lay the floor. These will be identified to you on the site visit, along with a checklist for your employees. This might include actions like, tidy away loose paperwork, ensure your computer is turned off, empty items that need to be manually moved


Leave the Office For The Day

That’s it, you’re free to go! The next time you step back in the office, a new floor will be installed.


Our Team Arrive

We use our hydraulic equipment to life your furniture and remove the old flooring. We’ll even remove and recycle it for you too. The new flooring is installed under your furniture.


Return To The Office

You and the team return to the office the next day, with a brand-new floor in place. It really is that simple!

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Your all you need to know flooring guide.

This guide will help you answer some of these questions and to develop an initial budget for the investment required for a new floor.